About Us

Boyko Inc. was formed in August of 1987 as a USDA food manufacturing plant. The company was founded by brothers Ron and Tom Boyko. This family owned and operated corporation manufactured bakery and meat products. Within a short period of time, Boyko Inc. started developing and manufacturing additional food products. Boyko Inc. has worked with numerous clients in developing and manufacturing products that are well suited for their individual needs. Over the course of time, the continued growth and expansion of the company opened a new opportunity in the sales of used food processing equipment.

The continued growth caused the need to update and expand the present equipment. This led to buying better and more efficient equipment. In turn, the selling of the used equipment became a feasible opportunity for the company. As a result in 1996 Boyko Inc. began buying and selling used equipment in the processing industry.

In 2002, Boyko Inc. saw the increased demand for used processing equipment. This led to Boyko Inc buying and selling used process equipment on a full time basis, alongside the companies’ ever expanding food manufacturing plant. Boyko Inc. began buying equipment at various auctions around the country and eventually developed a relationship with Schneider Industries, an auction company. This relationship opened up another opportunity for Boyko Inc. The company began liquidating companies and organizing auctions nationwide.

Boyko Inc. sold the food manufacturing part of the company in 2006, in pursuit of focusing on the used equipment industry.

Coming from a manufacturing background, Boyko Inc has a diverse understanding of the requirements, challenges, and goals…to aid food manufacturing companies. Today Boyko Inc provides multiple services in the food processing industry. Some of the services provided include; auctions, liquidations, buying and selling of used food processing equipment, technical support, and process/plant system consulting. We specialize in the food processing industry but are not limited to it.

As a family owned company, we strive to become a leader in the food processing industry. Boyko Inc. will provide efficient and reliable service with the utmost integrity.

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