Looking to Buy

We help match buyers with specific equipment needs. With our extensive knowledge and large customer base, we can find you options that will fit your needs as well as budget without taking the time away from focusing your efforts on managing your business.

Below is a list of current equipment needed by our customers. If you have the following items and you would like to sell them, please click on the “Sell Us Your Equipment” button to contact us.

Bosch 7520 Tray Former Contact Ross Aman
Rheon WN066 Double Lane Cornucopia Elastic Dough Encruster Contact Josh Boyko
75 - 150 Gallon round, jacketed Likwifier with side sweep Contact Josh Boyko
(10) Revent 724 double rack ovens, natural gas Contact Ross Aman
Colborne series 90 complete pie line Contact Ron Boyko
Roller bar mixer, 600 to 1000 lbs, Stainless Steel bowl Contact Josh Boyko
14- 16 Head Donut Depositor Contact Ron Boyko
Donut Glazer, 38 - 40 in. wide Contact Ron Boyko
Direct fired plate oven, 12.5 ft. wide, 100-120 ft. long Contact Ron Boyko
Tin pick n place for Colborne Series 45 pie line Contact Josh Boyko
200-300 gallon electric jacketed kettle, with agitation and full sweep Contact Ross Aman
32 in. or bigger Donut Glazer Contact Ross Aman
Multivac R530 or R535 Contact Ross Aman
Dough Chunker Contact Ross Aman
V-mag tote dump 26 in. wide x 90 in. tall pivot Contact Ross Aman
Goodway VBM 1000 Slurry Mixer Contact Ross Aman
700 lb. Double Ribbon Blender Contact Ross Aman
(2) 300-500 Gal. tanks w/ agitation (jacket or no jacket) Contact Ross Aman
Great Western Sifter, Type B, QA36-6, with cabinet Contact Jasmine Sargent
Russ Test Contact CBS Clarion
1500-1600 lb. Sigma mixer Contact Ross Aman
Cooling Conveyor for Tortillas, Spiral or layered, 10 in. to 16 in. wide Contact Ross Aman
Small Continuous Mixer Contact Ross Aman
24-30 part Divider/ Rounder Contact Ross Aman
4000 lbs. Vacuum Tumbler Contact Ross Aman
Small to medium donut line from mixer to fryer - $400,000 budget Contact Ross Aman
Older VFFS machine for Donuts Contact Ross Aman
2-3 Cloth Silos Contact Ross Aman
Vemag Sheeting Attachment Contact Ross Aman
Newer Reversible Dough Sheeter Contact Ross Aman
40-50 gallon electric steam kettle, tilt Contact Josh Boyko
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